Financial assistance

Once the entry clearance has been received at INCAE, there are several funding, scholarship and other options available.


The first step to enter the master's program is to select the program that best suits your needs and go through the admissions process. Once you have received the go-ahead for admission to INCAE, there are several options for financing, scholarships and others.

Since INCAE receives students with different nationalities, it is recommended to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country, as well as scholarship offices in higher education institutions, which have specific information on this topic. In addition, the offices of INCAE in the different Latin American countries provide advice on how to assume the costs of your academic investment.

Government programs
Financial support

At INCAE we believe in fostering leadership, entrepreneurship and diversity. Our Financial Aid program is designed to empower leaders, visionary entrepreneurs, talented women and exceptional individuals who show outstanding potential. We understand that tomorrow's business landscape requires innovative thinking and diverse perspectives, which is why we are committed to supporting brilliant minds from all professional backgrounds. Whether you're driven by a passion for change, a desire to make a difference or a determination to excel, our scholarship programs aim to provide the resources and opportunities needed to help you achieve your aspirations and make a meaningful contribution to the business world. Join us as we embark together on a journey of discovery, growth and success.
These financial grants are made possible by the valuable contributions of our donors, individuals and institutions that support our mission.

Financial support available
  • Strachan Scholars Program
  • Leader for Change Scholarship
  • Honor Fund and Woman Leader for Change Scholarship
  • Master in Agribusiness Scholarship Fund
  • Carlos F. Pellas Ch. Scholarship
  • Stellar Women Visa Scholarship
  • Charles Haimoff Foundation Entrepreneurship Grant
  • Steve Aronson ACTE Scholarship
  • The INCAE Foundation
  • Enrique Uribe / Cuestamoras Corporate Scholarship
  • Honor Funds
  • Vicente Pascual Barquero Scholarship
  • Scholarship Agreement Universities
  • Patricia Price Peterson Foundation Honor Fund and Patricia Price Peterson Foundation Scholarship
  • Oscar Montealegre Scholarship and Honor Fund
  • Lindenberg Quant Scholarships
  • Anita Morice Holmann Scholarship
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Ricardo Poma" Scholarship for Excellence
  • Country Scholarship (Alumni Annual Giving)
  • Simón Vega Berbey Scholarship - AGI Panama
Women's Scholarship
Country Grant
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