Latin American Center
for Competitiveness and
Competitiveness and Sustainable Development
Our methodology

CLACDS uses a four-pronged methodology that links global competitiveness, social progress, environmental balance and climate change, and innovation and technology. It has worked closely with different international organizations such as the World Bank, IDB, GIZ, US Embassy and other partners in research and training programs for public and private sector leaders.

Axes of work
Global competitiveness

Promoting economic development in Latin America by improving productivity.
We support Latin American countries in fostering a culture of innovation and technological adoption.
We collaborate in processes of transformation and improvement of the business climate and sectoral activities to boost economic growth and competitiveness in a sustainable manner.

Social Progress

Increasing social progress in Latin America is not only crucial to improving the quality of life of its people, but also to achieving sustainable, inclusive and stable long-term economic growth.

  • Encouragement of public-private partnerships and cross-sector collaborations.
  • Design of metrics and strategies that encourage action.
  • Leading innovative Social Progress Index initiatives globally.
Environmental balance and climate change

Our goal is to promote environmentally sustainable practices, businesses, strategies and policies.

  • Play a catalytic role in promoting spaces for dialogue and debate among various stakeholders, in order to implement actions to address environmental imbalances and risks related to climate change.
  • Accompany the region's private sector in the development of innovative business strategies that promote long-term sustainability.
Innovation and technology

Encourage innovation and the adoption of new digital tools to avoid being left behind.

  • To provide a strategic vision among the sectors of society on innovation and technology.
  • Accelerate digital transformation strategies and develop the human capital necessary for innovation.
  • Facilitate the adoption of best practices.
Our projects
Our partners