Latin American leadership.
Global competitiveness.
We promote the development of the region through leadership training, applied research and the promotion of intersectoral dialogue.

Actively contribute to the sustainable development of the countries served, with the transformative education of leaders in key sectors of society. To be a knowledge center of reference in the region with world-class management practices, as well as attitudes and values, through:

  • Research, teach and disseminate concepts and techniques;
  • To strengthen the capacity for integrative thinking and innovation with respect to economic, social and political phenomena; and
  • Promote understanding, dialogue and cooperation among people, sectors and countries.
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Master's degree graduates
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Incaists in 60 countries
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Key Action Areas of INCAE
Training and Development

Our master's degree programs and Executive Programs provide tools to fully develop their integral leadership and immediately impact their organizations and environment.INCAE trains professionals capable of leading change processes, overcoming competitive challenges and taking advantage of growth opportunities to transform their businesses and sectors.

Our academic programs
Impact centers and chairs

In line with its mission to promote sustainable development in the region, INCAE has research and impact centers to provide analytical tools and content for decision making, the development of best practices in organizations and sectors, and the design of regional policies.

Impact centers
Forums for economic, social and business dialogue and debate

Central American Forum of Presidents and Entrepreneurs - Sustainability Forums - Leadership Forums - Euro-American Women Leaders Conference

Upcoming lectures
INCAE Rector Enrique Bolaños

"Our mission, beyond just being professionally successful, is to help make a better country, it's to help shape lives in Latin America, and the Incaístas s go out with that mission."

Enrique Bolaños
Rector of INCAE
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"Our mission, beyond just being professionally successful, is to help make a better country, it's to help shape lives in Latin America, and the Incaístas s go out with that mission."

INCAE Rector Enrique Bolaños
Enrique Bolaños
Rector of INCAE
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Leadership and Governance

Leaders from Latin America and the United States provide support to ensure that INCAE responds to the region's critical issues.

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Accreditations and rankings

The high quality education and experience provided by INCAE has earned it prestigious awards.

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INCAE has become a leading institution in Sustainable Development, thanks to its responsible leadership for more than 25 years.

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INCAE has been repeatedly ranked as the best business school in Latin America. Here's why.

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Discover the history of INCAE
A deep footprint in the region

The history of INCAE begins in 1963, when the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, visits Costa Rica and holds a summit with Central American presidents. Under the banner of economic and social progress, regional leaders highlighted the need to strengthen business education in the region.
Thus, in 1964, at the initiative of the governments and the Central American business community, and with the support of Harvard Business School, INCAE was founded after the graduation of the first class of the Senior Management Program-PAG, in Guatemala.
For six decades INCAE has transformed the way business is done in Latin America, positively impacting the present and future of the region. The school will continue to revolutionize its learning methods to respond to the needs of the market, while remaining true to the ethical values of responsible leadership.

Organization chart

Learn here the main structures of the Institutional Organizational Chart of INCAE Business School.

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