The constant economic and competitive challenges in each of the countries represent a challenge to be met. One tool that has come to revolutionize the management of information and to help with the fulfillment of the objectives established in different areas is technology.

Technology, through digitalization and process improvement, allows for cost and time savings.

Because the management of such a resource requires proper management through quality standards and constant updates, governments have created regulatory bodies to guide and promote the technology in each of their countries.

Costa Rica, for example, has the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (MICITT), which is responsible for promoting technological resources and communication channels, increasing their efficiency in the country. Its activities can be divided into three main areas of work. In this regard, we will go into more detail about its development methodology.

First, we have the aspect of innovation, which is the cornerstone of technological development, allowing technology to enter new areas and companies to generate new products and business strategies. In order to promote this activity, the MICITT adjusts a series of activities that include training and placement of information to the public related to how to face the challenge of innovation and do it properly, for example, provides information on legal frameworks on how to validate whether an idea is existing, and what are the possible ways to protect such invention.

The aim is to increase the level of participation of entrepreneurs and for this purpose there are a series of programs that support small entrepreneurs and guide them through a process of consolidation and business stability, where aspects and financial options are analyzed, such as business incubators that provide information on how to obtain financing and all the processes and documents necessary to register the idea.

In addition to the above, constant events are held, such as training, meetings and activities that promote knowledge related to the digital transformation of companies and the empowerment of Costa Rica through technological innovation.

Currently, we have the use of digital technologies, with a series of laboratories located at strategic points equipped with the latest technology devices that allow us to provide a series of services that allow the population to familiarize and update themselves with current issues, such as the use of the Internet, applications, e-mail, video conferences, SME's agenda, among others. This distribution seeks to promote citizens' access to numerous sources of national and international information, as well as to services related to information technologies that facilitate their daily work and reduce the digital divide.

These technology centers also seek to increase the skills of students -future workers- in the good and healthy use of computers, the Internet and e-mail. Produce content of local interest that promotes activities such as tourism, agriculture and business investment, among others. Build instances of local promotion that encourage the development of virtual communities. Develop through the CECI (Intelligent Community Centers) activities articulated in strategic axes such as:

  • Reduction of the Digital Divide.

  • Tools for Knowledge Transfer.

  • Mechanisms for Universal Access.

  • Means for the expansion of a Digital Culture.

  • Elements for insertion in the Information and Knowledge Society.

  • Instruments for the construction of an Intelligent Costa Rica.

Finally, telecommunication as a communication resource, and a tool for the enhancement of sustainable human development, is extremely useful in managing the entire communication structure with respect to the level of spectrum and adequate infrastructure for telecommunication companies to be able to perform adequately in the industry.

In short, maintaining an organization that allows for the proper management of technological resources, as well as the companies that use them appropriately, would enable the country's economy to become more competitive and knowledge-oriented.

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