Branding and positioning strategies

The Branding and Positioning Strategies program incorporates concepts and theories that allow you to develop appropriate marketing strategies. You will work on individual and group activities, as well as on a final project that consists of developing a product or brand launching strategy.

  • Use the tools of Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) in the analysis of positioning and identification of distribution channels, for use in different types of industries.
  • Apply the concept of brand DNA to assess its relationship with the value proposition, build and sustain customer loyalty, as well as to extend the brand and launch new products.
  • Link brand DNA with customer-focused marketing to adapt it to different segments and build a powerful omnichannel brand ecosystem.
  • Distinguish the challenges and opportunities of disruptive marketing, BoP* marketing and DTC** brands to develop an appropriate positioning strategy.
  • Rigorous curriculum and experiential learning.
  • World-renowned professors.
  • Globally connected classrooms.
  • Peer learning circles.
  • Training for action: learning by doing.
  • Certificate of studies issued by INCAE Business School, Business School, leader in Latin America, according to the Financial Times ranking.
  • Creation of new networks of relationships through interaction among peers from different Spanish-speaking regions.
  • Learning experience enriched by interaction with participants from diverse industries, profiles and professional backgrounds.
  • Enhancing learning and professional growth through our sophisticated tools and methodologies.
General information
Edition 1January 29 to March 24, 2024Online asynchronousUSD $1,595 
Edition 2April 15 to June 9, 2024Online asynchronousUSD $1,595 
Edition 3June 17 to August 11, 2024Online asynchronousUSD $1,595 
Edition 4August 19 to October 13, 2024Online asynchronousUSD $1,595 
Edition 5October 21 to December 15, 2024Online asynchronousUSD $1,595 
Luciano Ciravegna
Ph.D. The Development Studies Institute, London School of Economics
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Luciano Ciravegna
Ph.D. The Development Studies Institute, London School of Economics
Academic Background
  • M.P.A. University of Oxford
  • B.A. Economic History, London School of Economics
  • Ph.D. The Development Studies Institute, London School of Economics
Teaching in INCAE

Teaching areas:

  • Competitiveness
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • International Business
  • Policy


  • Advanced Marketing
  • Marketing Management 2


  • MBA
  • Executive Programs
  • ExMaster in Marketing and Sales
  • Branding and Positioning Strategies
  • Strategic Marketing for the Digital Era

Luciano Ciravegna is a full professor and Director of Research at INCAE Business School, where he teaches courses in the areas of Marketing and Strategy. He is also Director of the Steve Aronson Chair of Agribusiness and Sustainability at this business school.

His teaching experience includes courses for undergraduate, graduate, MBA and executive programs in international business, corporate strategy, competitive strategy, competitiveness and development, and business risk thinking at the following institutions: INCAE, The London School of Economics, Royal Holloway College, ESCP, Los Andes Business School and University of Hong Kong. 

He has conducted research and consulting work in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, United Kingdom, Austria and Italy. He has also worked as a business risk analyst with a focus on Latin American markets.

His academic career and international experience began at the age of 16, when he was admitted to the United World College. He then obtained a degree in Economic History from the London School of Economics and published his undergraduate thesis in Italian as his first book. 

After undergraduate studies, he became a Fellow of St. Antony's College, Oxford University, where he graduated from a two-year research master's program, the MPhil (Master of Philosophy) in Latin American Economics and Politics. 

D. at the Institute of Development Studies of the London School of Economics, with the support of scholarships from INCAE, the Centro Studi D'Agliano, the London School of Economics and the Italian Social Science Council. 

During his doctorate, Ciravegna worked as a consultant on competitiveness, cluster and political risk in Guatemala and Costa Rica for INCAE-CLACDS; in London for the political risk consultancy Executive Analysis; in Vienna for UNIDO; and in Italy for the Province of Turin. 

He is the author of three books and his articles have been published in top-ranked journals by Financial Times and ABS: Journal of International Business Studies, Strategic Management Journal, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Business Ethics, Global Strategy Journal and Journal of World Business..

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